Shipping Your Bike To MPLS

If you’re coming to Minneapolis for MWBPC8 and want to ship your bike, we have worked out arrangements with our super awesome mechanical sponsor Freewheel Bikes. Freewheel operates a bike shop on the Midtown Greenway that is accessible to air travelers via Hiawatha Light Rail. Please follow the instructions provided by Freewheel below to ship you bike in advance of the tournament.

    Shipping Your Bike To Minneapolis

  • We have made arrangements with Freewheel’s Midtown shop to receive bikes shipped in by out-of-town players.
  • Freewheel has a public shop at their Midtown location; you can re-assemble your bike with real tools and a repair stand for cheap.
  • Please call Freewheel before you ship your bike to let them know it’s coming! (612-238-4447)
  • Please clearly write your first and last name on the outside of the box to make things easier for the shop.
  • UPS and FedEx are recommended. Other carriers may not know how to get from the loading dock down to the shop; it’s complicated…
  • Arrange for shipping to Freewheel Midtown’s address as follows:

    Freewheel Midtown Bike Center
    attn: bike polo tournament
    2834 10th Avenue South
    Minneapolis, MN 55407

    Shipping your bike back home:

  • Shipping must be arranged by you, simply using Freewheel’s location as the pickup point.
  • If you don’t want to box it yourself, Freewheel charges $50 to disassemble and securely box a bike for shipping.
  • Free cardboard bike boxes are almost always available; you can box it up yourself if you’d prefer; bring packing materials!
  • Make sure your boxed bike is at Freewheel when it is scheduled to be picked up. UPS usually comes through early in the day.

MWBPC8 Courts

We are hard at work putting the finishing touches on our courts for the 8th Midwest Bike Polo Championships in May. We’ve reclaimed enough scrap wood to make brace supports for all three courts. Creating as little waste as possible is important to us and we’re tickled that a tornado damaged barn will supply enough material to create our court’s brace structure.

Jerry our resident engineer and handy man, mocked up these prototype board sections. The prototypes look solid and with thicker plywood will make for three top notch, identical and strong courts. Each court will be 120′ x 62′ with not square but squared off corners. The boards behind the goal will be at least 40″ tall. Check out the photos below.

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Minneapolis Ranked America’s #1 Bike City

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The May 2010 issue has one of those annoying “which city is the best” bullshit lists. Except this one is different. Because for once, Minneapolis got its due. According to Bicycling Magazine Minneapolis is the #1 Bike City in the country.

Poloists Bjorn and Landon even met the author and showed him around the city one of the days he was visiting this January. Our burgeoning bike polo scene got a mention too. This is a really great article that does well highlighting the many different stripes Minneapolis has to offer.

digital copy is available to preview before the hard copies are printed. Every few pages it will prompt you to subscribe but simply entering an email address will let you advance through all 12 pages of text.

More than enough reason to stay an extra day or two when you come to Minneapolis in May for MWBPC8.

Minneapolis Bicycle Polo Inc.

Too Legit for Polo
I’m proud to announce that our club is officially a Minnesota Non-Profit Corporation, making it the first in North America to incorporate (to our knowledge)! Our President is Kat, Landon is the Treasurer and I am a non-titled board member. We organized the corporation so that we could accept checks from sponsors, process MWBPC8 registrations on-line, write checks to vendors, and pursue partnerships to create a dedicated, polo-specific court in Minneapolis. Pending federal 501(C)3 status will mean that sponsor contributions are tax-deductible.
Although the fees seem a bit much, the process is pretty straightforward—as long as you’re willing to read a lot of statutes and have arguments with your friends about Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, board membership, and banking institutions. If anyone out there is interested in incorporating their club, drop us a line and we’d be happy to answer questions. Same goes for anyone who want to donate to the club or sponsor the MWBPC8. Think we’re sell-outs? Trash talk accepted below!

Update: London Hardcourt Bike Polo Association claims the World’s First on this one.

The Two Wheeled Way

The 2 & 21 blog created this wonderful info-graphic on Minneapolis cycling culture and its amenities. When you come to Minneapolis for the 8th Midwest Bike Polo Championships come early and stay late. You won’t be sorry.

Jump over to 2and21 and view it full sized with annotations and explanations.