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Our Indoor Training Facility

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In case you haven’t heard, this winter has been good to us so far.   With a high of -12 on Sunday, we will be inside playing polo in shorts and t-shirts.temps


A teaser: indoor

Not too busy to play

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Spring lasted a week in Minneapolis this year. Its Summer now. With its arrival time speeds up and the time to blog is devoured.

We make time for polo however. We are still playing 4 days a week. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Bookmark @pickuppolo on Twitter for “day of” reminders.

New Player Day

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Have you ever wanted to give hardcourt bike polo a try but were afraid to give it a go? Well here’s your chance.

This Saturday April 16th at 1pm and following Saturdays, as demand allows, Minneapolis Bike Polo will be holding “skills day” for beginners and intermediate players.

All you need to bring is yourself, a sturdy bike if you have one and a sense of adventure. We will have spare mallets to share and a few bikes to loan. Also if you bring $5 we will hook you up with a mallet head, ski pole and hardware to make your very own polo mallet.

Please spread the word to bike polo curious and as always keep an eye on @pickuppolo on twitter in case of inclement weather.

When: Saturday April 16th, 1pm-5pm (practices usually last 3-4 hours)

Where: Corcoran Park in south Minneapolis E 33rd St & S 19th Ave Minneapolis, MN 55407

Why: Because bike polo is about as much fun as you can have on a bicycle.

Spring in Minnesota

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Our two main polo courts are now free of ice. Friday night and Saturday morning a crew of crazed poloists chopped and removed the last remnants of ice at Corcoran Park.

Look for updates on our set schedule but we are planning on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday this year.

In 2011 in Minneapolis we have had FIVE days over 50F. Two of them were this weekend and we took advantage.

Winter Polo Habits

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Dec 5th, 2010 Corcoran Park photo by Kat

The season never ends its just gets colder.

Over 9 man/woman hours to free half the court of a blanket of 1375 cubic feet of snow. We received about 6″/15.5cm of snow on Friday.  Sadly the snowblower would not start on Saturday. Sunday we got it running and worked at clearing the rest of the court.

Played some cutthroat 1 vs 2 and a knife-fight style 2 v 2 game with a single cone as the goal.

Playing in the winter is a whole new ballgame. For one thing every beverage has a 15 minute shelf life before it turns to a soda slushy. For another body to body contact is all but abandoned by the players. Ball handling, positioning and 5-hole shots are the name of this slippery game.

Plus we get to build quinzees.

Friendlies this Saturday in Minneapolis

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We are hosting Friendlies on Saturday the 16th of October in Minneapolis. 1pm until dark. Click here for directions to the park.

We will be playing polo, hanging out and grilling food all afternoon. The forecast calls for a gorgeous day.

Madison, MKE, Chicago, Duluth, Fargo, LaCrosse, Menominee, Mankato, Mason City and whoever else are all invited!

Matt H and maybe another MKE poloist are coming to town and we are throwing a party.

Grass-Hardcourt update

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Grass bikeball at Calhoun

What: Grass “bikeball” polo and hardcourt bike polo pickup games and Grill-out

Where: McRae Park in South Minneapolis

When: Sunday August 8th from 1pm until we get tired.

Who: Minneapolis Bike Polo and the Calhoun Bikeball Club and you!

What to do: Bring yourself, your friends and something to grill. There will be mallets and balls for both games. Games will be going on all afternoon.

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Polo at Corcoran tonight

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We will be playing at Corcoran Park tonight(7/8/10) from 5pm until dark. We wanted to play on a shorter court to practice for North Americans in Madison.

Come on down.

Summer Pickup Schedule

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Photo by Ted Welter

Summer bike polo schedule in a nutshell:

Tuesdays at Corcoran Park – 5:30-8

Thursdays at McRae Park – 5:30-8

Sundays at McRae Park – 2-7

All times are approximate. All games are announced on twitter at http://twitter.com/pickuppolo Sign up for SMS updates via Twitter and stay in the loop.

Beginners are always welcome.